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      Esmeralda has got a headache, and is sitting with the duke in the west arbor, and Lady Ada has gone for a ride with Traff and Selvaine.


      But you were not satisfied with that; you must needs cover her with shame and dishonor. You accuse her of being a vile and abandoned woman, and you come here to press your charge and torment her further. My lord duke, you could not have come to a better place. If you had searched the world over you could not have found a man better fitted to thrust the lie down your throat. Esmeralda has been to me like a daughter of my own. I know what she was; I know what she isthe purest and best of womenand I tell you that you are a liar and a scoundrel!If she had only spoken; if she had only said to him: It is all a mistake! I am innocent; I could not help Norman loving me; he is nothing to me, and never has been. It is you I loved and still love! If she had said this with her eyes meeting his steadily, he could not but have believed her; she would have been in his arms, and the history of Esmeralda, of Three Star Camp, might very well have closed here.

      No? she said, much interested by this new specimen of humanity. Where do you come from?

      Yes, it has been a very pleasant evening, said Esmeralda, absently; but, oh, how tired one gets!Well, I think it would, he said, candidly. With Trafford for a husband and everybody loving youhe colored and stammered as a man does when he speaks of love.


      Yes, he said. I must do what many a man before me has been compelled to doI must marry money.


      She laughed scornfully.


      He made the guess as if not quite certain.