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      The Orderly-Sergeant looked down the line, and called out:CHAPTER IV. A SPY'S EXPERIENCES

      in the country.

      moment. Mrs. B. will prize them, though she will never think

      "I can't take gifts from you," said Pen coldly. "I've earned this money, haven't I? You promised it."


      "'Untie that one unt get on quick,' he said. 'My God, you've got the thing dead to rights; you've got everything on that piece of paper. My God, what luck! Smartest thing I ever saw done. Get that paper in General Lyon's hands before midnight if you kill yourself unt horse in doing it. I'll take you out past part of the guards, unt show you how to avoid the rest. Then ride as if the devil was after you, until you reach General Lyon's tent.'The Negroes Merrymaking. 39


      "That won't give much of a honeymoon to Mrs. Bolster," grinned the 'Squire.


      "Then they all got up and yelled. They said they knowed Si Klegg only too well; that he wuz the meanest, oneriest soljer in the army, and that he looked just like me. They had him in the guard house now. He'd bin put in for stealin' a hoe-cake from a blind nigger half-way back to Nashville durin' the battle.Shorty and si Are at Outs. 110